What is Clown Husbandry?

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Clown Husbandry as a whole started on tumblr circa early 2020's when we were all shut inside losing our marbles and grasping and literally anything we could to keep us from mclosing it further because of Covid.

It originated from the idea of clowns not being human performers but more akin to a pet such as a cat or a dog. The community to some extent agrees that clowns are mammals but that they lay and hatch from eggs! It also includes the idea of wild or feral animals/clowns and generally opens it up further into the concept of selling, buying, breeding and adopting. Conversations and topics one might expect when speaking about an animal.

Now that the brief history lesson is out of the way!

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The basics

So you want a clown but don't know how to go about it. Well, lucky for you, I am right here to help!

A few ways you can get a clown is:

    •Adopting from a shelter

    •Buying from a breeder


Understand that buying from a breeder is sometimes looked down upon, as there are many clowns in shelters at the moment already in look of a loving home. However, it does come down to personal preference. If thinking of buying from a breeder, be sure to research them properly AND the breed you are getting. There are many unethical breeders out there.

But Bee, you may be asking, can't I just grab one off of the streets? And to that I tell you...


There are MANY feral and wild clowns who are simply not suited for owning, if not downright dangerous for both the clown's health and your safety! Not to mention the various viruses/pests/bacteria many wild clowns carry that can be dangerous to both yourself and domestic clowns. This is far from a matter of competence and handling skills and more a matter of wild life conservation and public safety.

Well then, how does one find out which ones are safe? Luckily for you, we have a handy dandy Clown breeds section with information on just that! As well as information on some wild ones so that you can learn to distinguish them.

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