The shelter

Have you come to the decision of adopting a new clown pal? Or perhaps you're just perusing. Whatever the reason for your arrival, you see a variety of faces look over at you, eager to learn more about you and if they may perhaps find a home today.


These guys are free for you to use wherever you wish, I do ask that you do link back to this page but credit is not neccessary. Do not claim the art as your own! Please make sure to host them on your side.

Feel free to use this base to make your own!


These adopts are in the style of deviantart adoptables. They are completely free BUT must be claimed via the message box in the home screen! Once a design is claimed it will be removed from this page as...well, they've found their new home.

Do not repost unless you have successfully claimed it (check the message board for my reply on your adoption attempt) and please provide credit. Do not claim the art as your own. If you see that someone else has already put in their "papers" to adopt one then please do not attempt to grab it from under them and such.