Circus Front

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Welcome to the circus district. My name is Bee, and I shall be your humble guide in this here world of Clown Husbandry.

Here you can find loads of information on what clown husbandry is, clown breeds, clown care as well as the chance to adopt your own clown over in our adoption section. All the clowns in the adoption section are strays that have been vaccinated and neutered/spayed and looking for a new loving home.

To the left you will find several tidbits about clowns and their breeds, whilst to the right you can learn more about me! And of course, a variety of things on our navigation bar, including access to our shelter and other goodies!


Have I at some point used an asset made by you, but don't see credits? Dw, I have placed them all in my links! If by any chance the credit given is not enough do let me know through the comment box or over on my tumblr and I'll do my best to amend that! (I am slowly changing them to all link back regardless of where they are)

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